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This is Ancestraits.

Your portraits, your history, your ancestry.


Back in 2018, I started a personal photography project titled My British Family. It featured different members of my family that were born in different parts of the Old British Empire and family whose parents were immigrants. I overlaid the images with the flags representing their origins, these were accompanied by poignant quotes detailing their journey and their thoughts on identity and belonging in Britain.

This project was a response to the Brexit rhetoric of the day, it was my way of saying “Hey, this is my family, I’m so proud of my ancestry, this is where we originate, this is why we are here in the England and we deserve to be here as much as the next person!” 

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I received funding from my council and the project was exhibited at my local museum. The feedback I received was amazing, especially from those with similar family backgrounds. They found the exhibition poignant and evocative, they felt seen and validated through my art.


After three decades behind the lens, I have finally found my niche, creating something truly unique, crafting bespoke family heirlooms that blend portraits with narratives, preserving values and traditions to be cherished for generations to come.

I'm dedicated to capturing the essence of your family's journey, creating tangible memories that transcend time and celebrate the richness of your heritage. Join me in preserving your legacy through the art of storytelling and portraiture.

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