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The Lockdowns of 2020 were harsh! 

Many were able to work from home, some remained at home whilst on furlough, many other people and industries have been hit hard.


Redundancies have been made and many have fell through the gaps of the governments various bail out packages. I managed to get work as a Casual Worker for the Royal Mail.  

As we signed in for a shift begining of February we were advised all work would stop at 6.30pm for 2 minutes to pay our respects to two members of staff who had tragically died from Coronavirus within one week of each other, this was quickly followed the very next week with another member of Royal Mail staff passing and another 2 minutes silence to ackowlegde this tragic event. ©2021

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This project is looking at identity, specifically investigating British identity in our current multi-cultural times. 


I have taken traditional formal portraits of various members of my family that were born in different parts of the British Empire and family members whose parents were immigrants. I've overlaid these images with the flags of the countries of where themselves or their parents were from. These flags superimposed over their eyes resemble tribal markings and tattoos and make it easy to identify their ancestral heritage. ©2019

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During the early days of lockdown I started this photo project. There seemed to be a collective expression of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation in the air, especially for our KeyWorkers. 

The nations New Heroes, the ones keeping our country running, our NHS Workers, the Teachers and the Carers, and the "UnskilledWorkers"  the Bus Drivers and Train Drivers, Cleaners, Supermarket Workers,  where would we be without their courage, bravery and their strong work ethic? ©2020

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Luna died aged 5 of a brain tumour. These are pictures of Luna’s Mama and Papa. 

Dealing with a terminal illness and death of a child so young, tear many relationships apart. 


Knowing Lucy and Mario personally, I had so admired their dignity and strength, and could see the loved they shared that helped them through such tragic times. I wanted people to look at them with admiration and not sympathy! ©2016

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This project looks at how social media and the internet, shapes our use and view of photography and imagery today. ©2014

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